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To calculate VAT, enter the amount, select the “Add VAT” or “Extract VAT” option and enter the VAT rate. Click Calculate to view VAT details.

VAT Calculation Formula

Value-added tax (VAT) is a consumption tax levied at each stage of production or distribution of goods and services. To calculate VAT, you can use two primary formulas: Add VAT and Remove VAT.

Add VAT calculation:

To calculate the total cost of a product including VAT (add VAT), you can use the formula:

Total cost (including VAT) = Original cost + (Original cost x VAT rate)

For example, if an item costs $100 with a 10% VAT rate:
Total cost = $100 + ($100 x 0.10) = $110.

Extract VAT calculation:

If you want to calculate the net amount from the total amount including VAT, you can use the formula:

Original Cost = Total Cost / (1 + VAT Rate)

Using the same example with a total cost of $110 and a 10% VAT rate:

Original cost = $110 / (1 + 0.10) = $100.

These formulas are essential to calculate taxation and pricing for businesses, helping both buyers and sellers understand the costs associated with VAT. Read more.

VAT Rates By Country

  • Albania: Value Added Tax (VAT) in Albania is 20% for most goods and services.
  • Algeria: VAT in Algeria is 14% to 19% for most products.
  • Azerbaijan: This calculator helps you calculate VAT inclusive and exclusive amounts by selecting the “Add or Exclude VAT” option at the rate of 18%.
  • Austria: Value Added Tax (VAT) in Austria is 20%.
  • Belgium: The Value Added Tax (VAT) in Belgium is 0%, 6%, 12% and 20% respectively.
  • Brazil: VAT in Brazil is 7% to 18% respectively.
  • Chile: Value Added Tax in Chile is 0% to 19% for most goods and services.
  • China: VAT in China is 0% to 17%. 
  • Hungary: The standard VAT rate in Hungary is 27% for most goods and services.
  • Denmark: VAT in Denmark is 0% to 25% for most goods and products.
  • Egypt: Value Added Tax (VAT) in Egypt is 0% to 14% for most products.
  • Finland: VAT in Finland is 24% for most products and services. 
  • Mexico: Value Added Tax (VAT) in Mexico ranges from 0% to 16%.
  • Thailand: VAT in Thailand is 0% to 7%.
  • Slovakia: VAT in Slovakia is 9.5% to 22% for most products.
  • Spain: The standard VAT in Spain is 20% and the average VAT is 4.2% for most products.
  • Switzerland: VAT in Switzerland is 0% to 8% for most products. 
  • Netherlands: Value Added Tax (VAT) in the Netherlands is 0% to 21%.
  • Norway: The VAT rate in Norway is 0% to 25% for most products and services.
  • Philippines: The standard Value-added tax is 12% for most goods and services.
  • South Africa: The standard VAT rate is 15%, but some of essential foods are tax-free.
  • United Kingdom: VAT in the UK is 0% to 20%.
  • Venezuela: VAT in Venezuela is 0% to 16% for most products.
  • Vietnam: Value Added Tax (VAT) in Vietnam is 0% to 15% for most goods and services.
  • Dominican Republic: To calculate VAT, enter the subtotal and VAT rate. The standard VAT rate is 18%.

VAT Rate in Brazil

Like other countries, Brazilians also pay VAT, the standard VAT rate is 17% but this can vary depending on the product. The reduced VAT in specified remote states is 7%, 12% and below.

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