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Value Added Tax (VAT) in Georgia

According to official data, the current VAT rate in Georgia is 18% and other information about Value Added Tax (VAT) is given below:

  • Standard VAT Rate: The standard VAT rate in Georgia is 18%, and some goods and services reduced rates or discounts.
  • VAT Registration: Businesses engaged in taxable activities in Georgia are required to register for VAT if their annual turnover exceeds specified limits. Registration can be through the Revenue Service of Georgia.
  • VAT filing and Returns: VAT returns are generally filed monthly. Businesses are required to submit a VAT return to the Revenue Service detailing their sales, purchases and VAT liability. Returns must be filed by the deadline prescribed by the tax authorities.
  • VAT Invoice: Businesses are required to issue VAT invoices for transactions subject to VAT. The invoice must include specific details such as seller and buyer information, description of goods or services, amount excluding VAT, applicable VAT rate and total amount including VAT.
  • VAT Exemption: Some goods and services may be exempted from VAT. These exemptions may include essential goods, medical services and financial services, among others.
  • VAT Refund: Businesses that charge VAT on purchases may be eligible for a VAT refund. Proper documentation and compliance with VAT rules is required to claim refund.
  • VAT Audit: The Revenue Service of Georgia may conduct VAT audits to ensure businesses comply with VAT rules. Maintaining accurate records and filing returns on time is important to successfully pass the audit.

VAT Threshol in Georgia

If your business must register for VAT, once VAT transactions exceed 100,000 GEL during any continuous 12-month period.

Change in VAT Rates

Current VAT rate is 18%, but tax authorities can adjust VAT rates or make changes to VAT rules.

International Trade

VAT applies to the import and export of goods and services. Businesses engaged in international trade must follow specific VAT rules for cross-border transactions.

Penalties for non-compliance

  • Non-compliance with VAT rules, such as late filing or incorrect reporting, may result in fines.
  • So,Businesses to understand and follow VAT rules to avoid financial consequences.

Note: Tax rules are subject to change, and consult official tax authorities or seek advice from tax professionals to ensure accurate and up-to-date information. Read more about VAT in Georgia here.

VAT Rates By Country

  • Albania: Value Added Tax (VAT) in Albania is 20% for most goods and services.
  • Algeria: VAT in Algeria is 14% to 19% for most products.
  • Azerbaijan: This calculator helps you calculate VAT inclusive and exclusive amounts by selecting the “Add or Exclude VAT” option at the rate of 18%.
  • Austria: Value Added Tax (VAT) in Austria is 20%.
  • Belgium: The Value Added Tax (VAT) in Belgium is 0%, 6%, 12% and 20% respectively.
  • Brazil: VAT in Brazil is 7% to 18% respectively.
  • Chile: Value Added Tax in Chile is 0% to 19% for most goods and services.
  • China: VAT in China is 0% to 17%. 
  • Hungary: The standard VAT rate in Hungary is 27% for most goods and services.
  • Denmark: VAT in Denmark is 0% to 25% for most goods and products.
  • Egypt: Value Added Tax (VAT) in Egypt is 0% to 14% for most products.
  • Finland: VAT in Finland is 24% for most products and services. 
  • Mexico: Value Added Tax (VAT) in Mexico ranges from 0% to 16%.
  • Thailand: VAT in Thailand is 0% to 7%.
  • Slovakia: VAT in Slovakia is 9.5% to 22% for most products.
  • Spain: The standard VAT in Spain is 20% and the average VAT is 4.2% for most products.
  • Switzerland: VAT in Switzerland is 0% to 8% for most products. 
  • Netherlands: Value Added Tax (VAT) in the Netherlands is 0% to 21%.
  • Norway: The VAT rate in Norway is 0% to 25% for most products and services.
  • Philippines: The standard Value-added tax is 12% for most goods and services.
  • South Africa: The standard VAT rate is 15%, but some of essential foods are tax-free.
  • United Kingdom: VAT in the UK is 0% to 20%.
  • Venezuela: VAT in Venezuela is 0% to 16% for most products.
  • Vietnam: Value Added Tax (VAT) in Vietnam is 0% to 15% for most goods and services.
  • Dominican Republic: To calculate VAT, enter the subtotal and VAT rate. The standard VAT rate is 18%.

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