VAT Calculator – China

To calculate VAT, enter the amount, and select “Remove VAT” if necessary or leave it as “Add VAT” by default. Enter the VAT rate and click the Calculate button.

VAT Rates in China

The current VAT rate is 13% and will change according to goods and services:

1Tangible movable property leasing services13%
2Export or Import on sale13%
3Importation of necessary goods9%
4Postal services, Transportation services, basic
telecommunications services,
construction services and more.
5Financial services, consumer services,
sales of intangible assets and more.

VAT was implemented in China in 1984 and is administered by the State Administration of Taxation. In 2007, revenue from VAT was 15.47 billion yuan ($2.2 billion), accounting for 33.9 per cent of China’s total tax revenue for the year. For more details – Read more on Wikipedia.


How is VAT calculated in China?

The standard rate of VAT is 13%, so multiply the base price by 1.13. For example, if the original price is $5000, then VAT would be $5000 × 1.13 = $65

Can you claim back VAT from China?

If you are VAT registered and pay VAT you can claim it back through your standard VAT return.

What is a VAT invoice in China?

A VAT invoice is a valid receipt and payment voucher recognized by the China Tax Bureau.